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About Us

Description of Ministry The New Covenant Christian School is an educational ministry of the New Covenant Christian Church Ministries. We are a school where students of all backgrounds can learn, grow, and develop in a Christian environment with a commitment to excellence. The faculty, in cooperation with the parents of the Church, provides rich resources and endless opportunities in the community to encourage all students to excel and reach their God given potential. We recognize that each student is gifted by God and the goal of true education must be to help each student develop that gift for God’s glory and the benefit of humanity. Also, of utmost importance, leaders in the field of education must set appropriate examples for students who are looking for models to follow. It is our commitment that each student must be encouraged and trained to make life choices based on Christian values of unchanging faith. Such decisions pleasing God will make most useful and effective citizens in our society.

Mission Statement 1. Educating students of all races and ethnic backgrounds for God’s Kingdom and service to the nation. 2. Helping parents fulfill their obligation of raising their children in the fear and the admonition of the Lord. 3. Assisting each student in reaching his or her God–given potential at the best possible time. 4. Creating a non-threatening environment for students’ growth and development according to God’s plan. 5. Preparing students to make the choices of life according to the truth.

History New Covenant Christian School (NCCS) was established in 1985 as an educational outreach of New Covenant Christian Ministries in response to a felt need for a Christ-centered educational program where parents could send their children with the confidence that a balanced education will be provided in a Christian environment. In the lower-level of our small church building, the school was started with 25 students using three classrooms that had been dedicated to the training of children in a God-honoring environment. Enrollment increased rapidly and space to accommodate the students presented a challenge, but through the blessing of God, a new educational complex was dedicated in 1990 as our Christian school. At this level, our school only offered preschool and elementary education. Yet, through the hand of God again, we added the intermediate level in 1990 with great success. For nine years, we continued to graduate students in the fifth and eighth grades. With records showing that 100% of our graduates completed high school and 98% went to college, our education philosophy was solid. In 1995, New Covenant Christian High School was established as an extension to the NCCS system to continue, on the secondary level, the advancement of the educational ideal that was in the original vision and received accreditation by the NYS Board of Regents in 1999.