Elmy's Special Services

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163 Van Buren St.
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About Us


We believe that every person regardless of his or her race, handicap or developmental level should be treated with dignity. Because of this belief, we will ensure that every person be given the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential through appropriate and individualized programming.

Our goal is to serve and support individuals and families with mental and/or developmental disabilities. The agency will offer case management, day programs, residential service options, evaluation and other valuable services to the community. In addition, we will provide support, guidance, and care to people of all ages with visual impairments, developmental and emotional disabilities or a combination thereof. We will provide after-school programs, rehabilitation, and family support services. These will include respite care, transportation and crisis intervention.

We will seek funds from public and private sources in order to obtain these goals. We will do everything that is suitable and proper for the accomplishment of the Corporation’s purposes and the attainment of its objectives, including the acquisition of realty property by purchase, lease, gift, merger or otherwise and to manage and maintain the same