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About Us

RESEARCH. The vision of Saved by Nails is to abolish child sex trafficking in India and the rest of the world in our lifetime. Traditionally, most organizations focus on rescue operations. While Saved by Nails actively engages in these missions and even support many such efforts by other organizations, the truth is, the big-picture result is marginal at best. Clearly, this is a disheartening fact to swallow. Every rescued girl leaves a hole for a new innocent girl to fill. Therefore, Saved by Nails has chosen a unique approach to stopping child sex trafficking. We first focus on understanding the root cause of the global child sex trafficking system through extensive, hands-on research. We look at everything from psychological characteristics of perpetrators to the socioeconomic implications of child sex trafficking in a culturally diverse and traditionally complicated Indian society. We are especially interested in understanding and mapping out the criminal processes used, for instance, to traffic girls from Asia into the United States and Europe. That is why we are launching a comprehensive, 10-year, in-depth study of these issues in January 2011 with the goal of reaching holistic solutions to child sex trafficking.

RESULTS. In our opinion, research into child sex trafficking has no value unless it formulates the basis for long-term solutions, which generates real results to the global problem. This is what Saved by Nails is all about. From our world-class research – in conjunction with other organizations – we tie things together and draw out holistic conclusions. Applying these, at times, unorthodox solutions creates a global platform to work together with other organizations to address child sex trafficking. With a new, fresh look at global child sex trafficking it can be precisely targeted through creative business solutions, educational solutions, preemptive health solutions, effective legal prosecution, and sustainable micro financing.

RESCUE. One cannot be exposed to the atrocity of child sex trafficking and not be deeply affected by it. When you support Saved by Nails you are a modern day abolitionist! With your help our tactical rescue operations, orphanages for children with AIDS, health education in the slums, transitional homes for former prostitutes, and many other things can continue. Join our global campaign to end child sex trafficking today!