Globalfield Volunteers Foundation

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About Us

WHO WE ARE: Globalfield Volunteers (GV) is a learning and volunteer centre for sustainable development and transformational leadership registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a foundation. Our centre is based in the Philippines 83 kilometres south of Manila specifically in San Pablo City, a city of 7 lakes. In addition to our centre, we have available training camps in Indonesia, China and the USA.

GV seeks to provide a progressive space for the convergence of the local, national and international players from all sectors of society who are working at the forefront of advocacy, research, community building and development initiatives and to enable strategic exchange between development actors bringing together governments, NGO's, corporate entities, and autonomous bodies on the platform to formulate and most effectively implement policies. Our programs are transformative, holistic and sustainable. We offer inter-cultural and inter-generational exchange that brings out an in-depth and insightful learning experience. We integrate theoretical module specific to every country and fieldwork based on volunteer’s interests and skills.


To become a platform for developing transformational leaders through volunteerism who will inspire others and multiply positive change in the society exponentially.


To create, adapt and adopt programs that will be efficiently and be practically used by volunteers and emergent leaders in their own community and beyond.

GV seeks to understand what people need in order to effectively help and develop themselves, bringing people together to listen to each other and build characters to motivate them to claim their stakes in the higher level of decision making processes that affect their lives.

Rule of 4 of GV

  • Oneness: We are unique individuals yet we are all inter-connected. What we do to others (human, animals or the environment) we do to ourselves.
  • Two-fold: Igniting the passion for volunteerism and transforming leadership. Volunteers and host community are teaching and learning from each other.
  • Tripartite: We are holistic. Mind, body and spirit.
  • Quadrilogue: We are inclusive. We work with the private citizens, NGOs, government agencies, and corporations and private institutions.

GV forms strategic partnership with local development organizations in developing countries to improve their capacity to educate, empower and mobilize communities. GV places volunteers trained in transformational leadership for social action and community development.

During our placements, our volunteers integrate art, murals, music, puppetry, poetry, theatre and other creative facilitation technique to inspire and educate people to participate in improving their communities. At the same time our volunteers train partner organizations and communities about GV awareness, to integrating art-based in to their education and outreach programs.

GV aims to leave behind a stronger and more effective local organizations operating in collaboration wih an active and informed communities.

What is unique about GV is its focus on transferring this methodology to grassroots organizations to use as a tool to mobilize communities around particular social and environmental issues.