The Bahebak Project, a project of the Social Good Fund

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The Bahebak Project
San Anselmo
United States

About Us

We provide emergency resources for Arabic-speaking refugee families and teach peace building in the U.S. and MENA (Middle East & North Africa), to mitigate future emergency. Donations and purchases of our products directly support refugee families we work with to get medical care, food, shelter, clothing, and rent while they are in English classes and job training. In MENA, for those living in war zones, we train warring communities in building sustainable, just peace. We facilitate soldiers and fighters from warring factions to find friendship and commonality, and communities historically in conflict to see each other’s humanity. Organizations in the U.S. hire us to train their communities and staff in Building Bridges Across Differences and teach about peace building and welcoming refugees. Immigrant co-founded, our goal is to build a loving, welcoming world. We are based in the Bay Area (Northern California) and Los Angeles. We are currently a project of the nonprofit, the Social Good Fund.