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About Us

Mission: Our mission of Friends is to help enhance, preserve, and promote the natural beauty, ecological vitality and cultural distinctiveness of the Mosholu Parkway and it’s surrounding scenic landscape. In doing so we are able to preserve this piece of green land for generations to come.

The vision of the restored parkland on Mosholu was born within the volunteered love of the public working, contributing and donating as unofficial Friends for Mosholu Parkway Parkland for several years prior to incorporation.

Our mission in partnership with NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation and other surrounding PARKS and organizations interested in the welfare of the parkland, to enrich the soils of the parkland for the benefit of the environment through conservation while improving and keeping the parklands preserved for both current and future park users and to help establish better land management.

With collaborative land management and funding between PARKS, DOT, City and State Officials, and most important the community residents surrounding the parkland, our goal is to save as much of the original green terrain supporting soil conservation and to preserve its natural beauty to continue to exist and be around for generations without causing further loss or damage.

Friends of Mosholu Parklands goals and activities compliment of those from NYC Parks with a clear distinction that “Friends” works to incorporate the community needs by working with the residents to improve the daily park conditions while protecting and improving the parklands on Mosholu.

Its success would impact our neighborhood:

  • Quality of air
  • With informational workshops expand the mindset of natural environment and it’s importance in our community.
  • Would reduce some of PARKS and RECREATION cost of litter control, and park botanical upkeep by using pocket gardens in high-end areas that produces the most upkeep.
  • As a community receive the economic benefits of land conservation. Protecting our park and open space is eight times less costly to local governments than traditional residential development resulting in protecting the existing local land conservation fund.

It’s success would also impact NYC county and municipal governments and the Trust for Public Land which uses Conservation Economics that measure and analyzes the economic benefits and fiscal impacts of land conservation which has shown that conservation returns from $4 to $10 for every dollar invested as per studies conducted by The Trust for Public Land (TPL)

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