Voices for America's Children

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1000 Vermont Avenue, NW
7th Floor
United States

About Us

Our Vision Voices for America’s Children works to create a society in which children are a priority and all children are valued, respected, and able to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission The mission of Voices for America’s Children is to improve the lives of children in the United States by advocating for effective public policies. Voices works on behalf of all children, but is particularly concerned about those who are most vulnerable and in need of the greatest support.

Voices accomplishes this mission by:

Promoting effective public policy at the federal level by: Raising the visibility of the best interests of children; Engaging in partnerships; Employing members’ experiences with state policy to advise federal policy goals and Voices’ strategy; Mobilizing members to participate in federal policy advocacy; and Supporting effective implementation of ederal policies and effective utilization of federal resources at the state and local level.

Strengthening Voices members by: Facilitating connections and networking among member organizations; and Providing training, information, and technical assistance to members

Core Values

Voices believes that all children should have: quality health care; quality educational opportunities throughout their childhoods; protection from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence; a nurturing family in a supportive community committed to children’s development to their maximum potential; economic security and freedom from poverty; and equal opportunities and freedom from racial disparities.