More Gardens! Fund

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79 Clinton Street
Suite 17
New York
United States

About Us

The More Gardens! Coalition is a group of community people, gardeners, and environmental and social justice activists who promote the development and preservation of community gardens. More Gardens! Coalition is building a network of individuals and groups committed to cultivating fallow land in addition to revitalizing and enhancing existing community gardens. By using fundamental democratic tools such as community garden- sponsored voter registration drives, legislative strategies, judicial actions, and Direct Action!, we shall reclaim our local government and eventually affect its highest levels.

We will disseminate information about community gardens to the public in order to raise awareness and engage people in both actual gardening and political activism. Current city policies pertaining to community gardens and other public spaces transcend the terms of any particular administration. Therefore, we are mobilizing to effect systemic change, rather than to work for short term, superficial solutions. We are committed to maintaining a fluid approach and will utilize the necessary strategies to obtain our aims.