Global Guardian Project

  • Arizona


221 East Indianola Avenue
United States

About Us

The Global Guardian Project creates digital courses that teach children how to care for the earth and all who inhabit it.

Our mission to help raise more ecologically conscious and compassionate children who will become guardians of our planet.

We inspire and empower families to make simple, sustainable changes starting at home.  

Each month we launch new e courses filled with educational stories, videos, art projects, interviews, a book club, recipes, and challenges, designed to teach families how to become global stewards and change makers in their own home and in everyday life.

Our content focuses on three topics:  Explore, Inspire and Challenge.

-Explore focuses on a specific country, its culture, natural environment, with a special focus on the country’s endangered species.

-Inspire focuses on introducing families to important causes and individuals, specifically little changemakers, who are already making positive changes in both their community and globally.   

-Challenge sparks action.  Parents and children can commit to a challenge and immediately become active in making positive shifts in lifestyle. And each month, they build on their positive actions.  These positive actions become global shifts.

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