Marysville Boys & Girls Club

  • WA


1010 Beach Ave

United States

About Us

The Boys & Girls Clubs are charged with deepening their impact on the young people they serve. These key elements drive all of our efforts to have a lasting impact on youth. Safe, positive environments, staff, facilities, after school program offerings and age-appropriate settings produce continuity, predictability and a sense of safety. Clubs set clear and consistently enforced rules that provide structure and define acceptable behaviors.

  • Supportive relationships We cultivate relationships by demonstrating warmth, caring, appreciation and guidance when interacting with members. In doing so, we ensure that members forge friendships not only with peers, but also with adults.
  • Opportunities & expectations At our Clubs, members acquire diversified skills that open their lives to a world of new possibilities in the context of moral character and ethical behavior.
  • Recognition Clubs prominently recognize the accomplishments of members with incentives and awards, thereby affirming an intrinsic sense of self-worth and achievement.
  • Fun Clubs generate happiness, fun and enjoyment for members. Members develop a strong sense of belonging through personal connections they establish with staff and their peers.