Discovering East Africa

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About Us

Discovering East Africa believes that all young people deserve a chance to explore the world, global issues and be a part of the solution. Through travel and volunteering young people can see how the world needs help and how they can be that aid.

Discovering East Africa is a cultural immersion experience non profit. We run trips to East Africa that take young adults out of their comfort zone and into a region where they can explore, be a part of the solution to global issues and lots of high adventure!

A two week trip with Discovering East Africa takes young adults to an atypical tourist region to be a part of multiple volunteering efforts working with street children, or local schools, experience a new culture first hand and experience some of the globes best natural high adventure experiences such as whitewater rafting down the Nile, or seeing lions and giraffes up close on a safari. With a strong focus on immersion, and experiencing this new region, this is a truly unique experience and one you will not find with other organizations.

There are many travel companies out there, and many can offer you travel and fun around the world. Discovering East Africa offers you the opportunity to explore the world, while working towards its improvement and developing a better understanding of the impact of global issues. By working with smaller charities and avoiding the large tourist spots, Discovering East Africa provides you a way to experience your destination like a local as much as possible, gain an better understanding of global issues by seeing their impact first hand, and personal discovery through challenging experiences.