Called by Love Institute

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About Us

The Mission for Called By love Institute is 

“To harness the Power of love as a Revolutionary and Evolutionary Force, 

Healing Lives, Building Dreams, Realizing purpose, destiny, and Legacy;

To connect ordinary and extraordinary people to their fullest potential,

Bringing awareness and light into the world.”

Called By Love Institute offers transformative learning and teaching that transcends and includes, transforming thinking and feeling, healing and shifting perceptions, in the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people. Its work is about awareness, knowing human awareness and soul awareness integrate, co-create, and dance. The process is synergistic, supporting the elevation of humanity through love. It is about living, modeling, training, inviting, and initiating in the experience of a worldwide Campus of Consciousness committed to living your destiny, loving your life, and realizing legacy through love.

The vision includes Called By Love Institute having faculty, many of whom will bring complementary pieces of a vision, with all of the parts being interrelated and collaborative in a greater whole. A synergy will exist in a co-creative field of emergence. This is the interconnection between the individual and the collective, with the power of love accelerating a global shift.