Cracked Pots, Inc

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About Us

Cracked Pots is deeply committed to reducing waste by reclaiming items that would otherwise end up in landfills. At our Garden Art Show each summer and at other events we exhibit the work of many Northwest artists who make provocative art from reused, recycled and reimagined materials. Cracked Pots like finding the good in garbage.

We may be a bunch of crazy, mixed-up cracked pots, but we have a mission: Cracked Pots uses art to encourage our community to creatively look at trash. Reuse is at the heart of all we do. Think before you throw. We achieve this by: Conducting events to inspire and educate the public to creatively use reclaimed material. Salvaging materials destined for local landfills and transforming them into decorative and functional art. Building connections between the public and groups committed to environmental, educational, artistic and gardening issues.