EJE - Les Enfants, le Jeu et l’éducation


66 Anatreh Street

P.O. Box 194

About Us

EJE sets up projects offering to the children a framework through ludic and educational activities to stimulate and arouse their desire and energy to expressed themselves and learn, and thus to meet their needs in the area of personal development.

EJE aims particularly to:

Promoting each child’s personal development

By developing self awareness, children gain confidence in their physical, intellectual and moral abilities; they chose their own path in life.

Promoting each child’s journey to becoming a successful citizen

By developing their relationship with others, children learn to work respectively and constructively with the people and environment around them; they are prepared to actively participate in their community.

Promoting the future of each child as an actor for peace

By developing an understanding of the global community, children are able to grow in curiosity and tolerance; they are ready to contribute to the present and future of their world

In the Palestinian context, the negative and destructurant political context as well as the economical and social situation, are striking children and young people in particular… In this context, a child who plays is a child who thrives!