Instruments of Change

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About Us

Our mission is to: Profoundly impact the lives of disadvantaged children through the gifts of musical instrument donation, instruction and performance.

We bring the gift of music and musical education to children who cannot afford it. Children who complete our band program earn an instrument when they enroll in middle school music programs. It’s our desire to make sure that money is not a barrier to a child being able to play an instrument.

Studies show that children who learn to play a musical instrument:

  • Are more likely to graduate high school and attend college
  • Score higher on math and language test
  • Are less likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol
  • Express higher self-esteem

In addition to learning their instrument, students learn important life skills including:

  • Responsibility
  • Goal Setting
  • Accountability

It is our hope that you will catch the vision of Instruments of Change and help students reach their full potential. As the old saying goes: “All Boats Rise With the Tide”. If we help our children excel in their educational opportunities, we help our community realize a brighter future.

At Instruments of Change, we are Changing Lives One Note at a Time