Sustainable Nantucket

  • MA


United States

About Us

The mission of Sustainable Nantucket is to preserve the community character of Nantucket while sustaining its economic and environmental vitality.

Building a more locally based, self-reliant food economy – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated— enhances the economic, environmental and social health of our island, and improves our long-term, overall sustainability.

When our community had greater access to fresh, local food, we:

  • Strengthen the viability of our local family farms and small-scale growers
  • Support a local living economy
  • Get to know our farmers and have confidence in our food
  • Place the power of our consumer dollar behind local production.
    Approximately 1/3 of our carbon footprint as a nation comes from
    industrialized agriculture, which also uses pesticides and herbicides
    degrading our soil and water systems. When we source your food
    locally, we help to reduce the demand for the food produced by this
  • Enjoy incomparable taste and freshness
  • Benefit from food with higher nutritional value
  • Lessen our environmental impact by shortening our food's commute