Los Angeles New Administrator Leadership Program

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2845 West 7th Street Room 309
Los Angeles
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About Us

The Los Angeles New Administrator Leadership Program is a two-year, competency-based leadership development program that will lead to a Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential (Tier II) for administrators who have a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I) in LAUSD’s autonomous schools (Pilot, School-Based Management, Local Initiative). The program’s goal is to train and support new administrators of autonomous schools to think systemically and act strategically so that they can empower a leadership team that will significantly impact instructional quality and student achievement. This leadership development program will build the capacity of bold, visionary leaders who are prepared to lead high-need and persistently low-achieving schools in upward trajectories of accelerated student achievement. During the two-year cycle, LANALP participants will engage in a competency-based program that embodies the tenets of effective school leadership, with a focus on integrating research-based theory with practical application. The vision and mission of the program will be tied to ensuring equity for all students through systemic school transformation.