Lillie Mae Jenkins Charter School

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About Us

The mission of the Lillie Mae Jenkins Charter School is to produce graduates from public schools in Newark with the academic skills, problem-solving abilities, and character they need to successfully complete a college preparatory curriculum and make substantive contributions to the city and larger society.

Our Focus:

Lillie Mae Jenkins Charter School has identified science and technology as a concentration for the school because of the achievement opportunities inherent in an education program focused on this area. Beyond the academic merits of an education program based in science and technology is the practicality of this focus given our burgeoning city. Science and technology will not only empower our students as 21st Century employees and higher education students. It will position them as shapers of Newark’s future and the world beyond.

Our Impact:

The school will open its doors to 160 Newark students in Kindergarten through first grade. At full capacity, the school will service 400 students in K-4. The Founding Team, a compilation of parents and community representatives from Newark, selected the city because it is our home and it deserves our contribution. Our city’s high school graduation rates and elementary schools achievement scores just do not reflect the potential of Newark’s young people. As grassroots city advocates who love the city and its children, we feel compelled to add our efforts to the solution-side of the issue in the spirit of Lillie Mae Jenkins. This is a pivotal time in the history of education in Newark, and Lillie Mae Jenkins Charter School will be on the cutting edge of providing a high-quality education to Newark’s students.