Marillac Residence

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125 oakland St

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About Us

Marillac Residence is a Religious Level IV Rest Home for Women Religious.  It opened in November of 1999 and has 76 beds licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  It is a full service facility that meets all state requirements for clinical and supportive services to its Residents.  It is a Catholic institution owned and operated by the Sisters of Charity (Halifax).   Marillac Residence is named in honor of St. Louise de Marillac, a name chosen by its first residents.  Louise de Marillac was born in France in 1591.  She was a wife and mother and a widow at age 34.  She was a woman of action and courage, who was dedicated to helping the sick and the poor.  With St. Vincent de Paul she founded the Daughters of Charity, a congregation which has spread throughout the world.  She was declared a Saint in 1934 and the Patroness of Social Workers in 1960.   The philosophy of Marillac Residence is to provide safe, quality care and to encourage and support each resident to achieve and maintain independence within the health and wellness model of care.  The role of the staff who work at Marillac Residence is to support the independence and flexibility of the older person’s lifestyle as long as possible.  It is essential that each staff member be competent to perform the job for which s/he is hired and to be respectful and caring to the Residents and to one another.