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About Us

SpendSmart.org is a 501 c (3) Global Servant Leadership, Financial Literacy & Wellness Educational Nonprofit.They provide UNBIASED financial health and wellness workshops, money coaching, and eLearning online training that are transformative, culturally relevant, sustainable, and measurable. SpendSmart.org specializes in helping: veterans, active military, their families & children, At-Risk and underserved populations, including: students, individuals, families, and employeeslearn how to live debt-free and stress-free through their skills-based and experiential workshops.

Their mission is to serve the greater good. There is a good that is greater than money. Educate to encourage change from within. Empower our community by providing tools, and resources that strengthen and build the very young to the most mature individuals and families in our society. Protect those we serve from scams, predatory, and deceptive practices.

For more information please visit: www.spendsmart.org