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About Us

HOPE-malawi is a community led organisation that assists in the development of locally instigated projects that offer a sustainable future to the communities of Nkhata Bay. It is run by a volunteer board of local people.


Our mission is simple. To alleviate the fundamental burdens of poverty through individual empowerment and collective entrepreneurship. HOPE-malawi aims to provide the environment and tools to enable local people to build sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

The principal service provided Hope-malawi is the establishment, development and facilitation of a network to support existing and emerging Community Projects and Social Enterprises. We offer dedicated support to help communities that cannot access the assistance they need from elsewhere. This practical support is wide-ranging and includes help to undertake feasibility studies, the development of business plans and financial systems, marketing support and help to secure funding. We share information and good practice via network meetings, assist with learning and development opportunities and offer peer support.

All of our projects have come from a need identified by local people and who want to work together to make a difference in their communities. To ensure sustainability all the projects must aim to generate trading income, reinvest their profits in their business or community to achieve their wider social or environmental aims. We believe that for development projects to have a chance of succeeding they must have certain key characteristics.

They must firstly meet a need identified by people in the community and presented as a written proposal.

The idea must have the support and commitment of local people. A Project Committee is established and an inventory made of what people are willing to volunteer in time, skills and effort. This forms the basis of a Partnership Agreement between Hope-malawi and the community project.

Every Project must have a development plan that includes a means to ensure the project is sustainable in the future.