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About Us

The end of the HIV/AIDS pandemic is within our vision, but we won't get there until all people know their status. While funding is a consideration, many of the barriers are more psychological, sociological and theological.

The current work of this organization at this point has one goal: to encourage all people - regardless of their risks - to know their HIV status through testing. Testing helps in education, and when all people get tested, the stigma around HIV and who should be tested diminishes. In July, 2012, the FDA approved over-the-counter sale of rapid self tests, but to date, few HIV organizations are talking about this option, but for many people, this may be the best option (i.e. for people who test regularly, or for people for whom HIV is just one of a myriad of issues such as mental illness/addictions, and are in treatment for that).

We are looking for people who want to learn more about the opportunities as well as responsibilities that exist around self-testing, and how it can change the landscape around HIV. Interested volunteers/activists will be asked to look at ways they can help promote HIV knowledge with self-testing as an option in their own networks, changing the pronoun of who should be tested from "them" to "us".