Salesian Missions, Inc.

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About Us

Salesian Missions is one of five international development offices (New Rochelle, Madrid, Bonn, Turin, and New Delhi) of the Salesians of St. John Bosco which supports the works of over 30,000 Salesian Missionaries in over 130 countries throughout the world working on behalf of the young and the poor. Salesian Missionaries improve the lives of poor youngsters through the teaching of skilled trades and scientific agriculture. There are 225 Salesian orphanges and shelters, 216 hospitals and clinics, 850 nurseries and 3,408 schools. Of these, 559 are vocational and technical, 91 agricultural, 1,440 high schools, 23 colleges and 1,295 elementary schools. The objective of Salesian missionaries throughout the world is to teach young people various trades that will help them find decent jobs and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. The Salesians insist that the needy help themselves in whatever way they can, even minimally. They do not encourgae dependence or paternalism, but strive to live up to the working maxim, "helping others to help themselves."