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About Us

FAENA ART is a nonprofit organization that seeks to create a cultural program transcending disciplines to encourage collaborations across geographical and intellectual borders.

FAENA ART believes in the fusion of art, philosophy, sustainable architecture and technology, bringing together the greatest talent across these fields in order to redefine the way we live in cities by creating communities that firmly place culture at their core.

FAENA ART is a conceptual framework encompassing a wide range of activities that are housed within the Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires and the newly launched FAENA FORUM in Miami Beach. The connection between these sister institutions encourages cross-cultural collaborations and highlights the synergy that exists between artists and cultural practices throughout the Western Hemisphere. From South to North and back again, this dialogue fosters movement across borders and between these two cultural capitals, moving beyond geopolitical divisions and firmly placing Latin-American cultural practices within a broader international conversation.