Colectivo TAN 473

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About Us

Colectivo TAN 473 has as its mission to awaken the creative and cognitive abilities of children through art and in line with this, construct different perspectives and opportunities that is applicable to any aspect of their lives.

We are a group of people who are committed to working with our community in Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico using our diverse educational backgrounds and skills to create new opportunities for learning.

Our skills and areas of studies include:

Education, Personal Development, Visual Arts, Design, Photography, Community and Project Development, Letters, Environmental Education, Theatre and Body Language…

Colectivo TAN 473 currently works in four different areas giving art workshops and reading sessions for children. At these locations, we seek the opportunity to meet everyone; all the families, people who work there, the neighbors … stray dogs! This way we are able to put together creative projects for the community to participate in and to benefit from. We use our CamionArte – A Classroom on Wheels to reach children, bringing all the materials and workshop leaders to the places where they are needed most… to work in their environment. Among the group of volunteers, we are growing a small family where together we can collaborate, learn and share.

Through our programs, we seek to:

  • Develop capacities of trust – stay in school longer is better
  • Create a resistance to the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Build strong and healthy relationships in families and communities
  • Encourage the love of reading – increasing literacy rates
  • Generate a group of young people who have problem solving skills – Thinking about the development of the community.
  • Raise awareness and sense of hope within these communities.