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About Us

Moun Pou Moun Haiti (MPMHaiti) is an international nonprofit whose partnership in Southern Haiti provides empowerment and support for families through education, microfinance, and public health education. Founded in 2005, "Moun Pou Moun" means "Person by Person" and also "People for People" in Haitian Kreyol. We work in and around the city of Les Cayes (O'Kay) providing school scholarships to elementary and high school students who would otherwise not be able to attend school. We do this through a Person to Person school sponsorship program where donors outside of Haiti sponsor and build relationship with students in Haiti. Our students receive after school tutoring and pre-paid dental and health checkups. Since 2010, we have provided microcredit loans to small groups of local women to start or grow their small businesses, which typically consist of selling toiletries, refurbished clothing, food staples, and phone cards. Since 2011, we have been making weekly homevisits to our students' homes to teach free water purification techniques (SODIS method) and provide sanitation education and support. We have an incredibly dedicated staff in Haiti that drives our programs with passion. Since our founding, our donors and volunteers, mainly in the United States, have shown commitment to the empowering mission of MPMHaiti. We consider all who interact with MPMHaiti part of the team. We invite you to tour our website to learn more: