Living Art, NFP

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About Us

Our mission is a cultural one. Our initiative in this enterprise is first to inspire the cultural values of our times because we believe that the social, economic, and political ethics inherent therein will follow the lead of culture.

Living Art, NFP is a 501c3 Cultural Arts Organization specializing in hacking the mojo of performing art for application in life off the stage. We create original works of theatre, film, music and poetry that inspire, educate and transform our audiences and participants. Our works and workshops invite individuals to become more conscious of the power in their own lives. Simply stated: We Live our Art!

We have a ritual of Living Art called The Practice. This forms the base for our workshops and "un-schools." Living Art is a home for performing artists to perform, train, & teach as they hone their craft. With The Practice we also train educators and professionals across many disciplines in learning to apply the art of performance in their careers. Our Practice is not only for the stage but for life. With practical application, we turn individual lives into works of art.

Further, we believe that arts education is fundamental to educating the whole human being. Developing an educational model and process founded in art principles and cultivating student creativity is the long-term cultural mission of Living Art, NFP. The Joy Arts Society (JAS) the educational arm of LA is building the The Joy Arts Institutes (JAI) as the flagship "un-schools" of Living Art. We believe that art is the vehicle for fundamental human expression and creativity. Our ultimate goal is to place a JAI in every community that is desirous of or is lacking arts education.