Just-A-Start Summer Program

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1035 Cambridge St. #12
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About Us

Just-A-Start’s Summer Program serves many youth from many backgrounds and specifically targets 14-18 year-old youth who are economically and/or academically disadvantaged. The Summer Program specifically seeks: 1) to provide a positive early paid work experience for youth, 2) to provide academic support to bridge the summer between the two school years, and 3) to provide a vital connection of school to career which will inspire youth to begin to think about and plan for their futures.

Approx. 60 youth participate in morning programming, M-F, 8:30-12:30. They spend alternating weeks in the field with those in the classroom. Field work consists of beautification projects at affordable housing sites. It is our goal that the youth learn valuable work maturity skills such as teamwork, dependability, productivity, etc. while feeling a sense of accomplishment. Work in the classroom consists of 3 training sessions daily: pre-employment/career exploration, financial planning, and literacy. It is our goal that the classroom experience be a work learning experience which supports their academic skills building and connection of school to career. An additional 20 youth participate in afternoon field work programming, M-W 1:00-5:00 p.m., with TH fieldtrip to augment their M-F morning summer school/MCAS preparation.