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About Us

The mission of is to convert salty water into sustainable clean drinking water for lower income communities. We install the Winddrinker technology a decentralized system that desalinates undrinkable water into clean drinking water using a membrane filtration, a standard water pump and a wind mill. It is a unique and innovative decentralized wind powered desalination system because it is more affordable and generates more fresh water than competeting technologies and is easily maintained by local technicians. It has tremendous promise to serve dry coastal communities in the developing world.

In addition to installing the system we work with grass roots organizations to set up sustainable distribution, marketing and management systems of the resulting drinking water. Depending on market realities, the water can either be consumed entirely by a local community and/or packaged in jerry cans and sold to outside markets. We are a nonprofit startup and are in the process of filing 501c3 papers. We have an official relationship with Winddrinker Holdings, a for profit social business with a mission to team with local entreprenuers to provide affordable drinking water for viable markets in the developing world (