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National Road 6
Group 4 Treng Village
Siem Reap


About Us

To build a school and home for poor, orphaned and homeless children.
However, here is my will also tell u more about Aspire.
Imagine being 4 years old, surving on the street and having nothing. No food, no clothing, no shelter. You curl up in a dark corner of a doorway at night You go to sleep hungry and you wake up hungry......thats the life of many children in, day out. This is reality, this is Cambodia. 
While wandering through a province of Siem Reap I came across a small orphange run by Sean, a local cambodian man who himself came from a poor village and a poorer family.  He dreamt of building a place  of refuge for those forgotten children, a place of safety, security and learning. 
Sean built his first smalll shed  12 years ago, and took in children in need. There was no question of race, colour or creed.....if you had no home, nowhere to go, he tossed the  lifeline.  Since then Shawn has lived from donation to donation, from moment to moment. He fell down more often then I can imagine and many would say that, after 12 years he has failed, but in the eyes and smiles of the 36 children currently in his care, I saw his success.

I shared food with them, a bowl of rice....there was not enough money for a bit of fish or meat to go with the rice, but the children were happy, they finally belonged somewhere.
The one can of coca cola I thoughtlessly had with me was passed around.....36 children took a little sip, and yes, there was still a sip left for me at the end. Coca Cola is rare when you can only get a bowl of rice a day....
Cambodia is poor, very poor.....
Most orphanages I'd pass without giving them a second glance...the corruption here is high, some of the richest non local people here are those who run charities....
But this little orphanage is different. 
.I've met  37 children that dont have to sleep on the street tonight, that are not in danger of becoming victims of human trafficing,  that have that bowl of rice a day, and when there is money, three little meals a day, children  who have shelter and access to some education....but most of all, children who have HOPE.
I want to help make Seans dream come complete the school he has started to build, brick by brick...a school that will teach not only the orphans in his care, but big enough to let children from the surrounding villages without a school come and learn there. A big school!   For this I need your help.