Ankaa Investors

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About Us


Ankaa Investors is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives of the world’s most financially disadvantaged by promoting profit and loss sharing and interest free loans. We utilize our network of Microfinance Institution (MFI) partners to provide the required capital and education needed to assist micro-entrepreneurs in developing regions.  Our success is measured by the number of thriving and sustainable businesses we help foster.

How does Ankaa HELP?

Borrowers apply for assistance through our MFI partners who select small-scale projects on the ground based on community assessments and feasibility tests. Once approved, a borrower’s profile is created on Ankaa Investors’ online lending platform where interested investors can select projects they want to support and the size of their investment. They can then follow the progress of the businesses they fund throughout the duration of the loan.  If the business succeeds their investment is returned to them and if the business fails their contribution is tax deductible.  Investors are then encouraged to reinvest, and the cycle of economic development continues.

Why should YOU help? 

TO PROVIDE AFFORDABLE FINANCING Traditional microfinance does not significantly alleviate poverty nor does it protect the poor from failure. With common interest-based loans from regular microfinance loans averaging at 35% per year, it is difficult for small-scale borrowers both to pay back their loans, much less to earn a profit.  Our profit-sharing agreement allows borrowers to utilize the majority of the funds they earn to continue to grow their businesses.

TO PROTECT BORROWERS We want to make sure our products help our borrowers succeed.  When both parties share risk and reward, they are both more vested in the success of the borrower.  To promote sustainable growth our MFIs provide education and partnership within the communities that we work.

TO FURTHER FINANCIAL INCLUSION Sharia law prohibits traditional interest-based loans, excluding observant Muslims from standard microfinance practices.  As the products we are offering are Sharia-compliant, we are providing economic opportunities for all.