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About Us

Eternal Life Organization International Ministries (ELOIM) is a group of people passionately committed to improving access to healthcare, education, justice and rehabilitation for communities in Africa. We aim to restore the dignity and hope of those we serve by helping to provide humane conditions and services which help them to regain their dignity. We build and refurbish village medical and educational facilities to provide innovative services and work to change the attitudes of the societies we serve.

Eternal Life Organization International Ministries (ELOIM) was founded in 2007 and duly registered in 2009 under the Non Government Organizations Registration Statute 1989.Reg No: S.5914/8320.

ELOI Ministries is non profit making organisation that runs technical and vocational training centres, medical missions, bible colleges, orphanage centres, worship centres, schools of ministry, libraries, crusades, seminars, conferences and mobile clinics.

Uganda has been through several Humanitarian Crises including Civil Conflict, Food Crisis, Floods, Refugee influx, Persistent Droughts, Human Trafficking, HIV/ AIDS Pandemic etc. This has left the People in Uganda in Great Need of Resources, including but not limited to Medical Resources to help with major effects these crises have had on the overall Health of the Nation. The objective(s) of ELOI Ministries is to restore hope to the helpless thus transforming lives for the better and to promote the socio-economic welfare of Communities especially the Disaster Affected People, Destitute Children, Orphans, People staying in Internally Displaced People's Camps an d families affected by HIV / AIDS.

ELOI Ministries Vision

"Hope for an African Child, the ability to restore the rights and position of an African Child"

ELOIM Mission

"To bring dignity and hope to men, women and children in African communities through health care, education, access to justice and community re-integration"

ELOI Ministries Faith statement

"We are a Christian based international organization, following and celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ, working with the poor, orphaned and oppressed to promote human transformation, justice and witness the good news of the kingdom of God"

ELOIM Values:

The organization core values are embedded in three fold;

·Christian based organization

·Bringing hope to the helpless

·Value for life and transformation for the better

·We are approachable and responsive.

·We believe in team work

Major Objectives

1.Education- fighting illiteracy, restoring self-esteem and equipping people in poor communities with informal and formal education and vocational, creative training.

2.Healthcare - providing preventative, curative and palliative healthcare to poor communities from birth to death.

3.Justice - equipping people in poor communities, lawyers and the judiciary with legal knowledge as well as providing legal and paralegal services.

4.Community Reintegration - breaking the cycle of crime, continuing rehabilitation and reintegration and giving hope and dignity to poor people & their families for both improved and harmonious living.

Specific Objectives

1.To build character and welfare of the destitute children in and outside the education institutions. This also includes orphaned, street children and the disabled.

2.Build the capacity and promote health service providers with skills on managing vulnerable groups within their communities.

3.Carry out sensitization and awareness campaigns about the killer diseases like HIV/AIDs, malaria, Tuberculosis to mention but a few,

4.To develop and harness individual talents and capabilities of members and community target groups.

5.To set up and support education institutions which are based on or embrace the ideas of the Church, developing character on the foundation of the Christian gospel in developing character for a better Africa.

6.To promote income generating activities and create employment.

7.To initiate, promote and support the imparting of life skills including academics in children in and out of schools, developing individual talents for recreation, entertainment income generation and employment.

8.Open up churches and conduct crusades and conferences in and outside Uganda to impart Christ like character for harmonious community relationships and personality transformation due to having a common mind set.

9.To Initiate and build caring homes for the most vulnerable OVCs, youth and or old people, Advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups more so the rights of OVC.

Eternal Life Organization International Ministries (ELOIM) is a group of people passionately committed to improving access to healthcare, education, justice and rehabilitation for communities in Africa. We aim to restore the dignity and…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


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