Children And Mentor Partnerships (CAMP) Program

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About Us

The Children And Mentor Partnerships (CAMP) Program is a project of Aid to Incarcerated Mothers (AIM). The mission of CAMP is to minimize the impact of separation and incarceration on children four (4) to fourteen (14) years of age; to strengthen a child's resilience; being attentive to their flourishing interests and profound dreams in their young lives.

CAMP will match children with nurturing mentors, who will monitor the various areas in a child's life. Children and Mentors Partnership (CAMP) will foster the development of the child through new opportunities, the ability to increase each child's positive social behaviors and academic performance.

The sensitivity of the Mentors of CAMP will be essential in the milestones a child has developed with the inner emotions of their relationships with their parents; the Mentors will engage positive attention and the ability to listen and respect the feelings of these children. Mentors will sustain a relationship built on a solid foundation for the growth of the children future.

Our primary focus will be on children of incarcerated mothers, with the knowledge that Aid to Incarcerated Mothers (AIM) targeted mission is to keep the entire family whole, healthy and self-sufficient. It is AIM's belief that if we can help just one person along the way then our existence has not been in vain.