CERANEO - Centre for Development of Non-Profit Organisations


Nazorova 51
10000 Zagreb


About Us

CERANEO is an association, established in 1995 to promote with a clearly recognizable role in development of civil society in Croatia. CERANEO is a think tank organization dedicated to collecting, analysing and researching problems in the social policy, promoting new initiatives and advocating more important role for civil society. For development of CERANEO as think tank key programme activities are: to analyse different draft of laws or policy programmes on public policies, to organise debate (workshops, round tables, seminars, conferences) and to influence decision making process in the Parliament; to initiate changes of existing legislation and policies; to approach MPs with important information for on-going debates in the Parliament; to build a bridge between academics, researchers, decision-makers in government and practitioners; to publish results of our projects and write brief articles in major daily newspapers as well as weeklies. Since it was founded it’s establishing CERANEO has been a key the resource centre for development of civil society in Croatia. Since 2000 CERANEO has made significant progress towards achieving its mission. It has contributed to establishing both an appropriate legal framework for the non-profit organizations and has acted as the voice of the sector. CERANEO has developed projects of strategic importance for development of civil society in Croatia. CERANEO is headquartered in Zagreb / Croatia. For more information, see www.ceraneo.hr