ECO City Farms aka Engaged Community Offshoots, Inc.

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6010 Taylor Road
United States

About Us

Mission: ECO City Farms is a nonprofit urban teaching and learning farm in Prince George's County that grows great food, farms and farmers in ways that protect, restore and sustain the natural environment and the health of local communities. Working with area children, youth and adults, ECO educates and trains the next generation of urban farmers and eaters.

Purpose: ECO City Farms works to enhance food security, safety and access, to improve nutrition and health, to preserve cultural and ecological diversity, and to accelerate the transition to an economy based on preservation, recycling, restoration and optimal health. We amplify community voice and engagement to reinvigorate the Chesapeake foodshed with sustainable ways of making food and money.

Farm Address: Our first farm is located on County parkland at 4913 Crittenden Street, Edmonston, MD 20781. Edmonston is one of the Port Towns of Prince George's County, Our second farm is at 6100 Emerson St. in the Port Town of Bladensburg, MD, on the site of a subsidized housing complex called Autumn Woods Apartments. Both farms are used to model, promote and educate about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development and access to good food for all. ECO's office is in 6010 Taylor Road in Riverdale, MD 20737.