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About Us

The ZOOM Foundation is family foundation established in Connecticut in 2001 for the purposes of effecting social change through philanthropy. Since the beginning, ZOOM has sought to partner with exceptional leaders who use a practical, entrepreneurial approach to innovation and change. The Foundation is concerned with opportunities for impact at both a national scale as well as in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Primary areas of interest:

  • Education: Connecticut has the greatest educational achievement gap in the country and the Foundation has invested in organizations and programs that will cause significant, lasting change and which generate momentum to close the gap. We believe that all children should have equal access to an excellent education to achieve their individual potential, and that our communities depend on it. Too often, low-income and minority children do not have sustained access to high quality teachers and schools, which directly affects the educational and work landscape across our state and country.
  • Environment: We believe that we must act now to stop and reverse climate change. The Foundation has made investments in policy change and public awareness efforts that accelerate local and national strategies. Heightened consumer awareness that inspires action, together with policies that incentivize businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is necessary stop global warming.