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About Us

The purpose of our services is to match our users, entrepreneurs and cofounders with the ideal team on a global scale to give momentum to new businesses and startups.

What sets us apart from other networking websites is that in addition to meeting fellow business partners, our users can preview ongoing projects that they can take part in and interact with the community about projects.

IdeasVoice is a place to make the launch easier and the development of a business faster thanks to the right team. With IdeasVoice, we want to open new doors to solve problems by giving voice to people from different backgrounds. We believe that having accessibility to diversity is a key advantage for startups.

Online services with  

With IdeasVoice, entrepreneurs can build a targeted network to: 

  ·Find their co-founders with complementary skills at the launch of their startup, 

  ·Build their dream team for developing their company, 

  ·Set up partnerships with other companies or entrepreneurs.   

Future partners have access to exciting projects, seed and series A startups, and growing companies to work with and discover across the world what kind of cofounders and partners they are looking for.  

IdeasVoice helps people who are looking for an entrepreneurial challenge in which to accomplish themselves:

·Find great projects that need their skills as a cofounder, nearby or abroad, 

 ·Join the dream team of a Series A startup / company, 

·Build their own “Entrepreneur Network” with founders and partners.