UPR Info Asia Regional Office

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About Us

UPR Info is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and two regional offices: in Bangkok, Thailand, for Asia and in Nairobi, Kenya, for Africa. The organisation’s main goal is to ensure all stakeholders seize the opportunity and engage in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process as an effective political mechanism to advance the realization of human rights on the ground. UPR Info objectives are: (1) to raise awareness by providing capacity-building tools to the different actors of the UPR process, such as United Nations (UN) Member States, NGOs, National Human Rights Institutions and civil society, and (2) to support an inclusive and effective participation of relevant constituencies throughout UPR cycles. Since the inception of the UPR mechanism in April 2008, UPR Info is the first and only organisation in the world focusing specifically on the UPR process.

The organisation’s extensive experience in this area is unique as it addresses all human rights issues and all countries without discrimination or politicization. As an impartial, non-advocacy NGO, UPR Info has the rare opportunity to work together with civil society and governments, and occupies a niche by bringing these actors together and building trust among them. The organisation provides an exceptional platform for discussion on human rights issues, without naming and shaming but focusing on solutions. UPR Info Asia Regional Office opened in May 2015 with the goal to support the effective and inclusive participation of local civil society in the UPR process by promoting a cooperative implementation of UPR recommendations among all UPR Stakeholders in order to advance the human rights situation on the ground.

 UPR Info’s strategy lies on five programmes:

  1. Supporting CSOs participation in the UPR: We provide strategic information, analyses, explanations, learning tools, capacity building trainings to NGOs.
  2. UPR Pre-sessions: We convene diplomatic dialogues at the country level and in Geneva between Embassies, Permanent Missions and CSOs to provide a platform for civil society to brief States on the human rights situation in their countries.
  3. UPR Follow-up: We offer technical assistance to UN Member States and CSOs to implement the UPR recommendations in a collaborative and cooperative manner, including supporting the development of UPR implementation and monitoring plans/matrix.  
  4. Enhancing States’ capacities: We provide strategic information and tools to States to effectively engage in the UPR process.
  5. Monitoring & Strengthening the UPR process: We monitor the UPR process to ensure that it is an effective mechanism to advance human rights on the ground.

UPR Info is a small NGO, with the advantages and constraints attached. Every staff member plays an important role and carries responsibilities. Dedication is key as it greatly impacts the work of the organisation. It is therefore necessary to embrace the vision and goals of the organisation and fully commit to its success.