Wishes Alliance

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Senchi Street
Airport Residential Area
Greater Accra Region

About Us

Our guiding principle is the belief that collaboration is the key to progress.

Wishes Alliance’s mission is to provide the platform needed for collaboration to take place. Working throughout the NGO sector, we open the lines of communication between NGOs, providing a rare and valuable opportunity for real collaborative action.

We work for NGOs to be better by finding strength in working together.

Our value is to show commitment and dedication to hard work and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, passion to improve lives, timeliness, innovation and excellence in NGO engagement, and being a representative of our own mission: ‘together we can achieve more’.

Wishes Alliance is a research and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating the practice of collaboration among Non Governmental Organizations by engaging organizations in a discourse of collaboration and cooperation, while building agendas for partnerships through our mission of NGO transparency and engagement.

As part of our ongoing passion and mission to initiate collaboration among NGOs in Ghana, we organize and host programs where participating NGOs are provided the opportunity to meet, share best practices, and connect with the objective of building relationships.

Through collaboration, powerful change can happen.