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About Us

1. To support educational, cultural and scientific research institutions, primarily the colleges and universities, to face the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive world; 2. To promote exchange and cooperation between the colleges/universities of China and those of the United States, in aspects of education, culture and scientific research; 3. To encourage educational development in China through the promotion of advanced concepts of the internationalization of higher education and to assist their implementation, with a strong focus on programs promoting educational reform; 4. To work towards bringing about a revolution in the field of education, especially the postsecondary education through a multi-pronged approach; 5. To provide economically disadvantaged and underrepresented Chinese students the educational and financial incentives to enroll in the colleges and universities of their choice to successfully complete their higher degree programs. 6. To work with other non-profit organizations, foundations, and think tanks to provide assistance and solutions for developing and improving systems for education in China.