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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the NY/Anantapur project. Our goal is to raise funds to build a school in Anantapur, India. Anantapur is one of the most isolated, arid and poorest regions in India. Many “untouchables” live in this district. While education is key in the fight to eradicate poverty and inequality in the region, unfortunately, half of its population older than 15 years old can't read or write. It doesn't have to be like this. The NY/Anantapur project was created by a motivated and diverse group of New Yorkers. Together we have built this site and are organizing a fundraising event that will take place in March 2009 in Manhattan with the objective of raising $15,000 to build a school in Anantapur. The school will benefit hundreds of children. All of the money raised will go to the Fundación Vicente Ferrer, an internationally recognized non-profit organization, which has been working for more than 40 years in Anantapur and benefits 2.5 million people. The foundation has built 3 hospitals, 1 HIV/AIDS center, 1,680 schools, and 22,000 homes in the region. The artist José Carlos Casado, who last year visited the organization in Anantapur, has donated 80 pictures that he took during his journey in India for the fundraising effort.