Jordan Lake School of the Arts

  • NC


1434 Farrington Rd
United States

About Us

Jordan Lake School of the Arts (JLSA) is a small private school community in Apex, North Carolina. Our school provides a progressive approach to education, with a strong core curriculum while exploring nature and the arts. We are dedicated to diversity and out-of-the-box students.

Located on Jordan Lake with beautiful indoor and outdoor learning spaces, including an enormous tropical greenhouse, we have an inspiring learning environment. Inside or out, the foundation of our school is creating a compassionate classroom that allows children to be comfortable discovering the world and their own gifts and talents.

Each student at JLSA pursues academics through an individualized approach, allowing them to learn at their own pace in their own style, as well as through group guided participation, where they learn by observing modeled behavior and techniques. Engaging each of the senses, with a small student to teacher ratio in mixed age classrooms, children learn deeply and in a manner that respects students' varied learning styles.

In this tranquil setting each child feels a sense of belonging, friendship, and the opportunity to experience the magic of childhood. Whether it be participating in theater, photography, animal raise and release programs and more, the environment at Jordan Lake School of the Arts fosters responsibility, inspires a love of nature, and promotes a desire to explore the wonders of the universe we live in.