Classroom Champions

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About Us

Classroom Champions is an international award winning education and mentorship non-profit charity organization impacting thousands of students in hundreds of schools across the U.S., Canada, and parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. With a mission that all kids should learn the process of excellence in order to help break the cycle of poverty, this first-of-its-kind organization was founded in 2009 by Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Mesler, and his sister Dr. Leigh Parise (Phd - Education/Social Policy).

Classroom Champions creates meaningful change in high-need schools as top performing athletes interact with classrooms to share their own personal journey to teach goal setting, fair play and perseverance through virtual relationships. More than 50 Olympians, Paralympians, and Olympic Medalists have mentored thousands of students in their home countries over the course of entire school years resulting in measured improvements in student perseverance and goal setting ability, classroom engagement, digital literacy, and interpersonal skills.

Classroom Champions also supports and develops teachers, has donated over $100,000 in technology to schools, and engages families to create positive change across entire global communities.