Animal's in Disaster, Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

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About Us

Mission: Through their beloved pets, we help people in crisis!

The Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry's mission is to build community and bring people together through the use of animals, to help educate the people to live healthy through their animals, and to learn to prepare for emergencies through their animals. We do this by providing a pet food pantry, education, and healthcare services through a holistic approach.

Company Description:

Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry is a 501 c (3) headquartered in Phoenix,serving the state of Arizona ,to provide statewide animal and pet assistance to individuals experiencing economic challenges, health problems, and/or natural disaster. Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry is a FEMA sanctioned Animal Disaster Team. The disaster team works with the Arizona State Health Department to help community wide disasters for State of Arizona Emergency preparedness,

Additionally, Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry leverages an extensive network of agencies such as the American Red Cross, Lutheran and Catholic Social Services to ensure that when a family has lost everything that their pets receive care as well. While Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry primary requests are to assist domestic animals, we also provide assistance to farm animals and wild life.

Response Programs

Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry response programs include short-term and long-term assistance:

  1. Short Term Emergency Assistance: Short-Term Emergency Assistance is for those who are in need of making it to the next paycheck, We partner with agencies because people ask for help for their pets, but not for themselves. With this business model - when the people get hel[ for their pets, they also get help for themselves!
  2. Longer term Assistance: Long-term assistance specifically provides for individuals and their animals experiencing economic challenges, healthcare problems, or natural disaster.
  3. Our special attention goes to Veterans, Disaster and domestic violence victims with additional help with leashes, collors, beds, toys bowls etc in addition to pet food.
  4. Grain free food goes to our Service animal program. Currently at 37%, the functional needs population with challenges, appreciate the fact that there is no upset stomach,diarrhea and less stool to clear up!
  5. We provide rescues, especially those who rescue sick, injured or senior pets with medical food so that more money can be spent of medical care needs.
  6. Disaster, safety and health information is provided from our website and events to support the care of pets as well as supplimenting with safe human food until pet food is obtained.

We do not work from one site, we prefer to go into neighborhoods, working with Coalitions such as United Way's Project Connect, Arizona Veterans Stand Down, Hopefest in Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson.and more.

Community Network

The Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry has found that many people, especially seniors, veterans, functionally disabled, and abused women, will ask for help for their pets, but not for themselves. On the opposite side of this scenario, there are individuals that will help animals that will not lift a finger for humans. Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry has created a network of volunteers and community partnerships to draw people to get help for their pets and get help for themselves. This network, powered by volunteers and community agencies, consist of: churches, food banks, community organizations and public and private sectors.