Living Project (Proyecto Viviente)

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About Us

The Living project is social iniciative that generate development on ancestral and poor comunities by  the access of knowledge and rescue of ancestral values.

The project re-establish the relationship between the community children and a more sustainable way of life. Giving them knowledge to generate new ideas and abilities to empower themselves. In that way when they grow up, they will not need to seek job on the city's (local bars, restaurants, alcohol vendors, hotels). Instead they will generate them own entrepreneurship by local tourism, organic products, ancestral practices, and more.

The project not only work with children, but also youth, womans and young mothers. 

We seek to generate more development on community with the help of interns and volunteers with experience in agriculture, architects, civil engineers, communications/marketing, journalism, designers, art and teachers of english as foreign language.

Vivientes is a wide a project, please check our work on ONE of our communities.

For more specific details on internships and costs, check us out here:


<< Every week we travel to between station (Host - Workshop Station) and (Community Station) >> A wonderful experience for a travel internship and to learn more about the culture and on field work >>