All Saints Community Service & Development Corp.

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601 Jackson Street
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About Us

All Saints Community Service and Development Corporation (ASCSDC) was created by Hoboken’s All Saints Episcopal Parish as a non-sectarian, non-profit organization in 1995 to help meet the social and economic needs of low-income families in Hoboken's West Side neighborhood, home to the city's public housing projects and its African American and Latino communities. Our mission is to equip low-income children and families with the tools not only to survive, but to overcome the many barriers they face. We believe that all people deserve a fair chance at creating a fulfilling life based on self-esteem, self-reliance, personal accountability, and respect for others.

We originally served children from a cramped community room in Hoboken's public housing projects. In 2003, we opened the Jubilee Center, a three-floor community center located across the street from the housing projects where the children and families we serve live – the only community center in the immediate neighborhood.