The Green Belt Movement International Europe

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About Us

The Green Belt Movement International Europe office is guided by a holistic approach to sustainable development. Our mission is to empower communities worldwide, to protect the environment and promote good governance and cultures of peace.

The Green Belt Movement International supports the Green Belt Movement in Kenya. Rural women in Kenya struggle daily with the challenges of accessing clean water, fuel wood, a sustainable income, and creating a healthy environment for their families. Our founder, Wangari Maathai’s aim was to try to address a serious problem with a simple solution. Planting trees is the first step to mobilising people on a broader range of issues. Through a community-based process, GBM members become champions for their local environment through practical and replicable activities. We use a holistic approach, based on the premise that sustainable development can only take place when the linkages between the environment, poverty and governance are understood. Thus far GBM’s community networks in many parts of rural Kenya have planted over 40 million trees, and hundreds of thousands of rural women have been empowered to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.