Capital Impact Partners

  • Virginia


1400 Crystal Drive
Suite 500
United States

About Us


Our mission is to provide solutions, based on cooperative principles, that empower under-served communities to address the problems poverty creates in America.

Vision As a result of our work, under-served people and communities will build wealth and have better access to critical goods, services and resources which they determine are needed to improve their lives. Others will replicate the models we build, and we will support their work by widely disseminating our knowledge and expertise. People in government, the private sector and the philanthropic community will seek our knowledge and expertise, they will collaborate with us to solve problems and they will invest in our ideas. The accomplishment of this vision will be realized through diligent adherence to achieving social impact while building the financial strength of Capital Impact.

Core Values

We base our mission and vision on these core values:

Cooperation: We value cooperation and are committed to utilizing the principles of self-help and economic democracy to solve problems.

Innovation: We value innovation in our work and strive to provide leadership in the markets we serve by creating new solutions.

Leadership: We value leadership and seek to create an environment in which our customers, constituents and employees are encourage to take initiative, embrace innovation, and create positive change.

Commitment: We value social and professional commitment and strive to maintain a strong sense of responsibility and accountability to the communities we serve, to our co-workers and to ourselves.

Trust: We value trust and expect everyone in our organization to communicate with honesty and clarity, treat each other with respect, and be accountable for their actions.