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About Us


Child abuse destroys. It damages self-esteem, diminishes dignity, and erodes the strength of the family. Children should be treated with respect and protected from abuse. For The Child meets this challenge by providing both comprehensive child abuse treatment and family focused mental health care, counseling, and therapy to strengthen families and provide the tools of healing to children.


Long Beach children will have the opportunity to reach their natural potential free from abuse or neglect. Children will be nurtured and cared for in loving families, they will be safe in their homes, their schools and their neighborhoods. For The Child will - one child at a time, one family at a time, one program at a time – build a community that provides a circle of safety and possibility for children.


Children should be treated with respect and protected from abuse. This one line of our mission statement speaks to our approach.

Our philosophy:

  • Children deserve to be safe in their homes and the community.
  • Children deserve the opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.
  • It is parents who have the greatest ability to keep children safe and assist them in their personal development.


For The Child, Inc was officially incorporated July 1, 1996. It is, however, an organization with a long and productive history in the Long Beach community as it was formed through the merger of two respected agencies – Cedar House and Sarah Center.


Cedar House was created to intervene in the cycle of violence set off by physically abusive parents; neglect created by families impacted by drug and alcohol abuse; and the domestic violence and abandonment that frequently came from in homes with poverty and deprivation.


Sarah Center was created to address the growing problem of sexual abuse of the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community. Sarah Center’s goal was to provide expert treatment services with a special focus on young children.


For The Child was launched to bring the resources of both agencies together to create a larger effort on behalf of children. The strength of the combined agencies allowed expansion of programs which serve children and their families well and motivated FTC to search for new and innovative ways to address both existing and emerging problems for children and families. The focus of the work is always on young children, on victims of physical and/or sexual abuse, on children who cannot function in school or the community because of a need for mental health services, and on parents who want to be the best parents they possibly can be.

For The Child is an agency without walls. We take our programs out to the community where our children and families need us. Parenting classes, prevention of abuse education, mental health and child abuse services are available at elementary and middle schools. In-home case management and treatment services go to families without access to transportation.

Programs created since merging include: Kids’ Place, On Wheels, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.

The board, staff and volunteers of For The Child share a vision. It is that vision that drives the work we do together. Our vision is for all children to be able to grow into successful caring adults. Our vision is encouraged and guided by the incredible resiliency of children to recover their hope and faith in themselves and their own potential.