Daughters Rising

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Mae Wang


About Us

Daughter’s Rising works to enlighten Hill Tribe villages regarding the community advantages to educating their girls. Thus making it less likely that parents will either unintentionally or intentionally sell their daughters into prostitution. We also offer empowerment through our RISE workshops that teach real world and employable skills, self-confidence and self-love, women’s rights, and proper health care in a supportive and peer-driven environment to empower her against traffickers. The more education the girls have themselves, the less likely they are to end up being trafficked or exploited, and they will be able to pursue their dreams.

Through our for-profit, The Chai Lai Orchid, which helps support our programs, we launched the RISE UP shop to help mothers in impoverished rural villages monetarily contribute to their families. We buy handmade crafts at a fair price to sell online, and in our cafe, to a larger western audience. We then invest 100% of the proceeds back into the next generation of young women.

Finally, we use social media and advocacy workshops to raise awareness about the prevalence trafficking in the United States. We believe that by using the same tactics found in advertising and performance art, the same story telling techniques in screenwriting, or the same emotional engagement in games, we will be able to reach and affect people in profound ways. Through education within the local communities suffering this great tragedy, and creating powerful advocates for change around the world, we hope to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and make the future a brighter place for women and girls around the globe.